Fire Department

Your Safety, Our Priority

At the Shepherdsville Fire Department, our unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of our community drives everything we do. With a proud history of service, we stand as the protectors of the 12.5-square-mile city of Shepherdsville, KY. Our dedicated team of part-time and full-time firefighters work tirelessly to ensure that our residents, businesses, and visitors are safeguarded from a wide array of emergencies.

Evolution of Excellence

On August 12, 2019, the City of Shepherdsville transitioned away from volunteer firefighting to enhance the professionalism and efficiency of our services. Our department is now composed of a highly trained team of professionals, including a full-time Fire Chief, Assistant Chiefs, Fire Marshal, and an additional 42 full-time firefighters. These dedicated individuals work tirelessly, rotating through 24-hour shifts to ensure round-the-clock coverage.

City of Shepherdsville Fire Chief Troutman

Empowered to Respond

Shepherdsville Fire Department is equipped to handle an extensive range of emergencies. From fires and motor vehicle accidents to hazardous materials spills and medical crises, our team is always prepared to respond swiftly and effectively. Our capabilities extend to technical rescue incidents, encompassing water and ice rescues, confined space rescues, and vehicle extrications. Notably, we take pride in being home to Bullitt County’s sole fully equipped Swiftwater Rescue Team, a critical asset during times of flooding and water-related emergencies.

City of Shepherdsville fire trucks

Community Partnerships

Beyond emergency response, our commitment extends to community engagement and education. We actively contribute to fire and building code enforcement, conducting inspections for business occupancies to ensure compliance and safety. We stand alongside our community in various events, participating in the annual WHAS Crusade for Children, Trunk or Treat celebrations, Breakfast with Santa, and many other school and community engagements throughout the year.

Every action we take, every moment we dedicate, is centered around one core principle: your safety. The Shepherdsville Fire Department is honored to serve as your reliable ally in times of crisis. Whether facing the heat of a blaze, the challenges of a technical rescue, or the urgency of a medical situation, know that we are here, ready to respond, and committed to ensuring the well-being of all who call Shepherdsville home.

Thank you for entrusting us with your safety, and for allowing us to be an integral part of the Shepherdsville community. Together, we stand strong, ready, and prepared for whatever challenges may arise.

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